year of biblical literacy

We have embarked on an adventure in the scriptures.  As a church we are spending an entire year immersing ourselves in the Bible, grappling with the texts and exploring the big themes as we delve deeper into the story of God the Father and his people, seeing Jesus in it all, and allowing the Spirit to inspire, challenge and empower us to live for the sake of the world - this "year of biblical literacy" (affectionately known as "YOBL") is all about rooting ourselves in the Bible and living it out. 

We know that many of us want to read the Bible but don’t always know how to. And we know that when we understand what the Bible is, how it fits together, how to read it and how to let it shape our thinking/acting/praying, we come alive. “YOBL” is our attempt to facilitate this.  We're confident that this year will spark new depths of faith in each of us and lead us out the door to play our part in the ongoing story.

Join us!