Re-thinking Anxiety course


Our next Re-thinking Anxiety Course is now fully booked.

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The Re-thinking Anxiety course is a 5 module course taught by Marg Bristow, an integrative therapist and counsellor over five consecutive weekday evenings. Each evening includes 2 hours of interactive teaching with a refreshment break.

This course will:

  • help inform those struggling with anxiety

  • help inform those who may be supporting someone with anxiety

  • help church pastoral teams have greater insight in supporting those with anxiety

Stress and anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with daily living. We stop doing particular activities. We get other people to do tasks for us, we avoid events, procrastinate, anticipate the worst happening. Daily relationships are affected by our anxiety.

This course provides a Biblical perspective to enable people to challenge their anxious thoughts.

Module 1: Overview of Anxiety
Module 2: The physical effects of anxiety, panic and behaviours that maintain the anxiety response.
Module 3: The role of behaviour in the anxiety response
Module 4: Understanding how thinking affects anxiety
Module 5: Challenging unhelpful thoughts

The course itself is free but there is a workbook which each individual participant will need to purchase before the beginning of the course. The workbook will be a reference point for the course duration and after the course has finished. Books can be purchased here and will be available to buy on the first evening for £14.

Whilst there is no charge for delegates (beyond purchasing the course book) we know some people like to contribute our costs. If you would like to contribute towards the costs for yourself or for others please speak to us at some point during the course. 

Places are limited, but if the course is fully booked, we would love to register your interest for the next one, so please email us at