pastoral care

On the broadest scale, our pastoral care sits within God's mission to reconcile the world to himself. Our care for one another flows from the commitment to love one another because we ourselves are first loved by God. It's about being a reflection of God's desire to bring healing and wholeness. It's about developing quality relationships and enabling one another to recognise, follow and become more like Jesus.

How to access pastoral care

Our small groups are communities of care and support. Speaking to your small group leader is a primary access point. You can also email or phone 07908 046560 during office ours (this is a dedicated line for pastoral care). Any of the staff team can help you access appropriate care, and you can also speak directly to the pastoral team leaders, Heather Christmas and Lynn Tressider.

What are some of the things pastoral care can help with?

·       Hospital/Sick Visiting

·       Communion for those housebound

·       Transport and/or company to a Hospital appointment

·       Meals Rota

·       Small DIY & Gardening jobs in a crisis

·       Transport to Church 

·       Pastoral Care Listeners: if you need to talk through a worry, something God is nudging you about, a decision you need to make, something you are angry about or a relationship issue.  You can be assured that all discussions will be kept confidential unless there is a risk of potential harm to you or another person.

Wanting to help?

If you could offer help with delivering some of the above please speak to Heather Christmas for more information or email