key dates and events

The general online noticeboard for the church can be found here

Youth dates and events can be found here



2nd February Saturday // Mens Breakfast, 8am, Chapel House, Hallow - Click here

2nd February Saturday // REASON: Youth Apologetics Day, 10am-4pm, St Helen’s - Click here

9th February Saturday // Come Dine With Me, 7pm various locations - Click here

15th February Friday // Cheeky Ordinando’s 18-30 Gig Night, 7pm, Paradiddles - Click here


3rd March Sunday // Foodbank Sunday at All Saints followed by whole Church lunch, 12:45pm, St. Helen’s

5th March Tuesday // Pancake Party, 4.30pm, St Helen’s - Click here

6th March Wednesday // Ash Wednesday Service, 7.30pm, All Saints

24th March Sunday // Connect Lunch, 1pm, St Helen’s - Click here


3rd April Wednesday // Hungry (Prayer Gathering), 7:45pm, St Helen’s

5th - 7th April Fri-Sun // Youth Weekend Away - Click here

8th April Monday // APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting), 7:30pm, St Helen’s

18th April Thursday // Maundy Thursday meal, 7:30pm, St Helen’s

19th April Friday // Good Friday gatherings, 12pm (reflective) & 4pm (all age), St Helen’s

21st April Sunday // Easter Sunday whole church celebration, 10:30am, All Saints (no 6:30pm gathering)


9th June Sunday // Pentecost

21st - 23rd June // Church Weekend Away - Click here

27th July - 2nd August // New Wine summer conference Wk1 - Click here