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All our various prayer gatherings and initiatives come under the banner of Hungry. They’re different in form, frequency and focus, but all are equally important!

We believe that any fresh move of God’s Spirit bringing renewal will be birthed in and sustained by prayer, and so are committed to intentionally seeking God and praying for His Kingdom to come in Worcester as it is in heaven.

We are excited that more and more expressions of Hungry are emerging as people feel stirred to pray. To ensure you receive specific details of any of the following, we recommend you sign up to the weekly eNews here.

Leaders: Marg & Phil Bristow, Kevin & Heather Fooks (

Hungry central // Wednesday 13th November (All Saints), 7.45pm-9.30pm

These times are dedicated to pursuing the presence of God in sung worship together, to prophetic prayer ministry, intercession and listening to the Spirit. The focus is on enjoying the presence of God and responding to the Spirit. These times are key gathering points for the whole church and friends from other churches often join us.

Hungry Sunday // 9.30am-10am, every Sunday, in the “Cabin” at All Saints

This short but powerful time of prayer is focused on praying for our two Sunday gatherings - including our children, youth and student ministries - praying into what God is saying, asking Him to minister to us deeply and powerfully.

Hungry Monday // 7.45pm-9pm, first Monday of each month, St Helen’s

We gather to pray into what God is saying to us as a church and to contend in prayer for a move of the Spirit. After a short time of sung worship, we spend time praying into what we believe God is saying, for specific needs and for those who are sick or in need of encouragement.

Hungry walks // 10.15am-11.15am, first Friday of each month, meet at St Helen’s

These are led by Hazel Catton. Join us as we prayer walk our city for an hour, asking God to bless it, minister to it and for the local churches to each be empowered and encouraged to play their part.