year of biblical literacy

We have embarked on an adventure in the scriptures.  As a church we are spending an entire year immersing ourselves in the Bible, grappling with the texts and exploring the big themes as we delve deeper into the story of God the Father and his people, seeing Jesus in it all, and allowing the Spirit to inspire, challenge and empower us to live for the sake of the world - this "year of biblical literacy" (affectionately known as "YOBL") is all about rooting ourselves in the Bible and living it out. 

We know that many of us want to read the Bible but don’t always know how to. And we know that when we understand what the Bible is, how it fits together, how to read it and how to let it shape our thinking/acting/praying, we come alive. “YOBL” is our attempt to facilitate this.  We're confident that this year will spark new depths of faith in each of us and lead us out the door to play our part in the ongoing story.

Join us!

There are four elements to YOBL:

1. Do it yourself

First up, we are reading through the entire 66 books of the Bible over the year, starting together on the 1st October 2016. You can use a paper version of the reading plan or the brilliant app “Read Scripture” - it's free to download: click here for Android, or here for Apple. To help us along the way, we'll be using the superb animations coming out of The Bible Project which introduce each new book/section that we encounter. 

2. Sunday teaching

For the next 12 months all our Sunday teaching will be intentionally under the banner of YOBL with different series charting our path and exploring the Bible in different ways. Some will unpack particular books or genres or themes, others will delve into some of the key moments in the story of God. You can catch-up with all the YOBL talks so far here. And to help all this 'land' in our lives we are sending out follow-up material (further reading/questions/links) each week as part of eNews (sign up to eNews here).

3. Engaging together

We have simple resources to accompany each teaching series so that the various smaller communities within All Saints can track with the Sunday teaching and continue to engage through discussion, prayer and study together. These resources aren't prescriptive nor comprehensive but aim to get our conversations going and give further space for all this stuff to get inside of us.

4. Take it further

Fourthly, we have some additional opportunities for us to go deeper through occasional lectures, workshops and a monthly Q+A podcast where we will be answering some of the questions that come out of all of this for us. Details of this term's programme are below, all our YOBL lectures will appear on our talks page, and you can be a part of the podcast by sharing your questions/comments/insights to

Autumn 2016 Term Card